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Once upon a time in a small town on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean was a young couple who were blessed with twin boys. The couple was poor and could barely put food on the table. They looked at the two boys and decided that they could only keep one. The mamma and the papa needed to distinguish the two boys apart so they chose to put the uglier of the two boys in a waterproof basket and put him in the sea. The nights were long and cold and the basket caught the trade winds and sailed across the immense Atlantic through the Straights of Gibraltar and into the Mediterranean Sea to the shores of southern Italy.


A young couple, who had been praying every day for a child, were walking on the beach when, behold, they saw the basket and heard the faint cry of a baby. Mamma and Papa Ghazal looked in the basket and low and behold their prayers had been answered, there in the basket was a baby boy. The Ghazals named him Eddie. They owned a small Italian Ristorante and they taught Eddie how to prepare great sauces and pasta dishes. Later, when Eddie was a young man, he came to America where he continued his trade as a restaurateur. In 2011 Eddie brought his experience and desire to own a quality Italian Ristorante in a lovely community to King's Harbor in Kingwood, Texas. One day while talking to a gentleman after glasses of wine and a good cigar they discovered that they were the twin brothers separated by two seas and many years. Eddie and Darryal were now reunited in Kingwood and the rest of the story is yet to be written. Join us won't you, perhaps over a glass of wine? (some of the facts in this story are not facts at all)

“Al Dente as a way of life.” 

 -   The Bay  -



“Forget the motherland - The best Italian food
is made right here in Kingwood, TX.”

-  Food for Thought  -


“If Pasta could sing!”

-  Eating Out  -

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